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High Speed, Intelligent, Customized Band Sawing Machine For All Sawing

With the development and progress of science and technology, the tide of high speed, intelligence and customization is also becoming more and more fierce. Jinan North Jinfeng Sawing Machine Co., LTD. (abbreviation: Jinfeng) is not willing to lag behind, Jinfeng has been in action, with high-speed, intelligent production to reduce manual errors, customized products to meet the individual requirements of buyers, cutting as an important part of the manufacturing process, Jinfeng is bound to keep pace with the time.

In terms of intelligence, compared with other manufacturers, the advantage of Jinfeng lies in the production of patented products -- Intelligent High-speed Band Sawing Machine H-330, H-430, its intelligent sawing system is completed developed by JinFeng, with constant sawing force as core principle, the system monitors blade stress condition at real time and adjusts feeding speed optimally. This system prolongs blade use life and improves sawing efficiency, and can truly achieve the effect of high speed.

In terms of customization, Jinfeng has a professional R & D team, has a wealth of experience in designing and planning of equipment and production lines, and responds quickly and timely to market changes, and the program is more and more flexible. According to the requirements and materials provided by the purchaser, specially tailored to meet all the sawing requirements of the purchaser! Our developed Flat & rotary  cutting band saw W-900, Flat & vertical cutting band saw GKX, successfully applied to jade, die steel and other processing fields. 

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V85/60 double head band sawing machine is a special vertical band sawing machine developed by JinFeng in order to meet customers' differentiated cutting needs, enrich cutting diversity, and improve sawing efficiency. This band saw adopts double head structure, the table of the sawing machine moves, the saw frame of the two band saw moves synchronously in the center, and the workpiece is moved with the table to realize sawing.The sawing machine is convenient to operate, with high cutting precision, no waste of materials, and high production efficiency. It is a special equipment for sawing carbon embryo material on both sides.

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Post time: Apr-14-2023