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CNC120 High Speed Circular Saw Machine

Short Description:

The heavy high speed circular saw is fully automatic specially designed for cutting round solid rods and square solid rods,according to customer’s requirements for high speed cutting and high precision cutting. Saw cutting off speed:9-10seconds sawing off diameter 90mm round solid rods.

Work accuracy: saw blade flange end/radial beat ≤ 0.02,  saw section with workpiece axial line vertical degree: ≤ 0.2 / 100,  saw blade repeated positioning accuracy: ≤ ± 0.05.

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Technical Parameter CNC120

Cutting Capacity ● 30~120mm
■ 30~100mm
Fixed feeding method Servo motor+ball screw
Feeding clamp Parallel hydraulic
End residue length 75mm
Single feed cut length 5~750mm
Use TCT superhard circular saw blades φ360x2.6mm
Spindle speed 30~160rpm
Spindle motor 11KW
Saw blade debris removal device Round wire brush
Gear gap compensation device 5KG magnetic powder brake 5KG
Cut feed mode Servo motor+ball screw+linear guide
Main clamp way Hydraulic type/vertical and horizontal clamping of each group
Allow the length of material 2000~9000mm
Supply mode Hydraulic lifting
Pneumatic pressure 4~6kg/cm²(55~85psi)
Hydraulic device & configuration
Self-lubrication system Quantitative force to oil
Dispenser Pneumatic reciprocating
Chip conveyor Chain plate type
Spray cooling system Oil mist bubrication spray devie
Work light 50w water and dust proof light
Hydraulic drive motor 3.75KW (4HP) / 4P
Hydraulic system rated pressure 70kg/cm² (7Mpa)
Hydraulic oil capacity 110 liters
Size Machine+5M rack: 6600x3000x1700mm
Weight 5500kg
Fully Automatic High Speed Aluminum Pipe Stainless Steel Cutting Circular Sawing Machine (7)


a. Casting body, specially designed for precise cutting of pipe and bar.

b. TCT super hard saw blade and HSS high speed saw blade can be used.

C.  Saw blade three-point clamping design reduces saw blade vibration to improved blade life.

d. The use of new design of the material to avoid feeding the workpiece friction with the nip surface, to ensure the accuracy of feeding.

e. One-button startup, conversational touch input, easy operation.

CNC120 High Speed Circular Saw1

Standard Configuration

Fully Automatic High Speed Alu1

Taiwan TBI ball screw

Fully Automatic High Speed Alu2

Mitsubishi frequency gear box

Fully Automatic High Speed Alu3

Mitsubishi control system

Fully Automatic High Speed Alu4

Taiwan 7 YANG hydraulic station

Fully Automatic High Speed Alu5

Mitsubishi servo motor

Fully Automatic High Speed Alu6


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