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W-900 Automatic Flat Cutting Saw

Short Description:

width 500mm* height 320mm,5~19mm blade width.

The JINFENG S-500 is a vertical band saw that is extremely suitable for sawing sheet materials. Cutting curves, corners or thicker sheet metal is no problem at all. The machine is standard equipped with a welding and grinding device to be able to weld the bandsaw blades yourself.

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Product Description


W-900 W-600
Maximum cutting capacity (mm)
Width: ≤900mm  Width: ≤600mm 
Height: ≤450mm Height: ≤400mm
Work table moving stroke(mm) 650mm 400mm
Saw belt linear velocity(m/min) 500-1500m/min  inverter adjusting 500-1500m/min  inverter adjusting
Saw belt specifications(mm) 50*0.6 50*0.6
Saw belt cutting method Servo motor driving, parametric  control Servo motor driving, parametric  control
Work piece fixing method Gluing Gluing
Cutting speed(m/min) 0-5m/min inverter adjusting 0-5m/min inverter adjusting
Controlling method Engraving CNC controlling system Engraving CNC controlling system
Main motor power(KW) 4.0KW  380V  50HZ 4.0KW  380V  50HZ
Cooling pump power(kw) 0.09kw  380V  50HZ 0.09kw  380V  50HZ
Cooling box volume 120L 120L
Saw belt tension method Manual Manual
Circular work table size(mm) Φ700mm Φ500mm
Work table size(mm) 1000*800mm 800*600mm
Work table rotating method Servo controlling, 360°rotating freely Servo controlling, 360°rotating freely
Work table load(kg) ≤2000KG ≤1000KG
Weight(kg) 3000kg 1800kg
Overall size(mm) 2350*2350*2150mm 2100*2000*1950mm

Main Features

W-900  Usually the jade stone, quartz and gemstone are cut by wire saw or circular saw, they are slow or hard to control the surface. W-900 is specially designed to improve the cutting effect.

★This machine adopts double column gantry structure, casting iron of the whole machine, heat aging and tempering treatment, good rigidity, no deformation of the machine body, ensuring the sawing efficiency and precision.

★The working table can rotate 360°, and move forward and backward. It is controlled by servo motor and ball screw,  and numerical system ensures high precision and stable cutting.

★Also use special emery band saw, saw seam 1-1.2mm, and the linear speed is controlled by frequency converter with speed range from 500 to 1500 m/min.


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