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1000mm Heavy Duty Semi Automatic Band Saw Machine

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GZ42100, 1000mm heavy duty Semi automatic band saw machine, is one of our heavy duty series industrial band saw machine, mainly used for cutting big diameter round material, pipes, tubes, rods, rectangular tubes and bundles. We can produce large industrial band saw machines with cutting ability of 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm etc.

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Technical Parameters

 Model GZ42100
Maximum cutting capacity (mm)
Saw blade size(mm) (L*W*T) 10000*67*1.6mm
Main motor (kw)


Hydraulic pump motor(kw)


Coolant pump motor (kw)


Work piece clamping


Band blade tension


Main drive


Work table height(mm)


Oversize (mm)


Net weight(KG)


1000mm Heavy Duty Semi Automatic Band Saw Machine1 (1)
1000mm Heavy Duty Semi Automatic Band Saw Machine1 (2)


1. Double column, heavy duty, gantry structure form a stable sawing structure. There are two linear guide rails on each column and one lifting cylinder after each column, this configuration can ensure a stable lowing of the the saw frame.

2. There are two gantry clamping devices on both sides of the blade, it is consist of two pairs of clamping vises and two vertical cylinders, in this way the workpiece can be clamped very tightly and the blade will not break easily.

3. Electrical roller worktable can help to feed easily.

4. Dual guiding system with carbide and roller bearing allows for accurate guiding and long service life of saw blade.

5. Gear reducer: high-performance gear reducer with characteristics of strong driving, precising correction and little vibration.

6. Independent electric cabinet and hydraulic station, easy for operation and maintenance.

1000mm Heavy Duty Semi Automatic Band Saw Machine1 (4)


If you need some large sized, heavy duty, gantry structure, column type or any other band saw machine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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