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Column Type Horizontal Metal Cutting Band Saw Machine

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GZ4233/45 semi-automatic band sawing machine is an upgraded model of GZ4230/40, and it has been favored by most customers since its launch. With widened 330X450mm cutting ability, it offers increased versatility for a wider range of applications.
This semi-automatic machine is designed to cut a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and other metals. With a maximal cutting capacity of 330mm x 450mm, it offers an increased range for cutting larger pieces or multiple smaller pieces.

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Column type horizontal metal cutting band saw machine GZ4233
Cutting ability(mm) H330xW450mm
Main motor(kw) 3.0
Hydraulic motor(kw) 0.75
Coolant pump(kw) 0.04
Band saw blade size(mm) 4115x34x1.1
Band saw blade tension manual
Band saw blade linear velocity(m/min) 21/36/46/68
Work-piece clamping hydraulic
Machine  dimension(mm) 2000x1200x1600
Weight(kgs) 1100


The GZ4233/45 sawing machine operates on a semi-automatic basis, meaning that it requires minimal operator input, while still providing accurate and precise cuts. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic control system, which ensures that the saw blade moves smoothly and consistently throughout the cutting process. Additionally, the hydraulic cutting feed system allows for a slower cut rate, which can result in higher quality cuts and reduced risk of damage to materials.

Column Type Horizontal Metal C2

1. GZ4233/45 double column type horizontal metal cutting band saw machine is equipped with a high quality worm gear ruder which is special designed for band sawing machine. Powerful and reliable performance. The rotate speed of the driving saw wheel is adjusted by cone pulley, and you will get 4 different sawing speeds to meet different kinds of material.

2. This band saw machine is designed with a separate electrical control cabinet, in which all electrical components are installed. To ensure safety, interlocks are installed between each action. All actions are executed through buttons on the operation panel, easy operation and labor saving. And we put a small tool box at the left side of the panel, to be convenient for temporary operation.

GZ4233/45 double column type horizontal metal cutting band saw machine is equipped with a range of features to aid in user convenience and efficiency.

Column Type Horizontal Metal C3

3. The protection door is equipped with gas spring and it can be easily opened with minimal force and firmly supported to avoid danger.

4. With a handle, it is easy to move the movable guide arm.

5. There is a fast down device which can let the blade move fast to the material and slow down when touching the material, time saving and protecting the blade.

6. With carbide alloy and small bearing guide the blade, you can cut the material more straightly.

Column Type Horizontal Metal C4

7. Automatic water outlet on the guide seat can cool the blade timely and prolong the service life of the band saw blade.

8. Full stroke hydraulic clamping device can clamp the material tightly and save more labor.

9. The steel brush can rotate along with the blade and clean the saw dust timely.

10. Sizing tool can help to set the length manually and fix the position, which can avoid measurement for every cut and save more time.

11. We will give you a small shovel for you to clean the saw dust in the base. And we will send 1 set of maintenance tool to you, too, including 1 set of tool wrench, 1 pc of screw driver and 1 pc of adjustable wrench.

In summary, the GZ4233/45 semi-automatic sawing machine is an exceptional option for those needing a reliable, versatile cutting machine with a wider range of cutting capacity. It offers operators the ability to cut larger pieces or multiple smaller pieces, with minimal input required and a range of convenient features to ensure efficient and quality cuts.

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