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S-500 Vertical Steel Bandsaw

Short Description:

width 500mm* height 320mm,5~19mm blade width.

The JINFENG S-500 is a vertical band saw that is extremely suitable for sawing sheet materials. Cutting curves, corners or thicker sheet metal is no problem at all. The machine is standard equipped with a welding and grinding device to be able to weld the bandsaw blades yourself.

Product Detail

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Product Description

Model No. S-500 Precision High Precision
Certification ISO 9001, CE, SGS Condition New
Packing Size 1400*1100*2200mm Blade Width 5~19mm
Transport Package Wood Case Specification CE ISO9001
Trademark JINWANFENG Origin China
HS Code 84615090 Production Capacity 200 PCS/Month

Main Features

S-500 vertical steel bandsaw2
S-500 vertical steel bandsaw3
S-500 vertical steel bandsaw4

◆ Accepts standard 5-19 mm width blades.

◆ Cast iron table can pivot front to back and left to right.

◆ Variable speed from allows you to adjust the speed for cutting wood, metal, etc.

◆Digital read out lets you see the estimated blade speed, so you can choose the right settings for your material and extend blade life.

◆Comes standard with a fully-integrated blade welder with a built-in grinder for finishing the weld joint—great for getting to the center of a cut or repairing blades.

◆Air blowdown system cools the blade and keeps the saw clean from material chips and shavings.

Table tilt on left and right.

Standard with stop and angle gauge to achieve angle cutting.

Technical Parameter



Max. Width Capacity


Max. Height Capacity


Inclination of table (front & rear)

10°(front & rear)

Inclination of table(left & right)

15°(left & right)

Table size(mm)


Max. Blade length


Blade Width(mm)


Main Motor



380V 50HZ

Blade speed


Dimension of machine(mm)

L1280* W970*H2020

Butt-welder Capacity(㎜) 


Electric Welder


Max. Blade width(㎜)


Weight of machine  


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